placing anchors – looks very helpful. I got placing anchors from her

To place anchors:

  1. Go to text editor – when using new WPress editor – click three dots top right, choose code editor
  2. for target target: just before an <h> tag
  3. place this code: <a name=”tag_name_here”></a>
  4. for pcrefurbish site, I placed this just before an <h> tag
    <a name=”anchor-to-contacts”></a>

Then at source page need to build a link that points to anchor use this:


where contact is the Contact page where the anchor was placed

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Subdomain vs sub-directory

Rather than registering a new domain name, you can always create a subdomain using a domain you already own.

A subdomain is a second website, with its own unique content, but there is no new domain name. Instead, you use an existing domain name and . The subdomain name looks like ——

.com is top level domain or the domain extension ( – is the 2nd level domain (SLD)
anything to the left of the SLD is the subdomain (even www)
a subdomain that points to a unique IP address

so you could have if we had a blog page

subdomains vs subdirectories

Here’s the fact, if you set up your blog as a subdomain instead of a subdirectory, the ranking of your blog will suffer.

The Path:
A path will usually refer to a file or folder (directory) on the
webserver (for example “/folder/file.html”)

If we talk about a URL, we usually mean the concrete path to a directory ( or a file ( on a website.

It is, of course, not completely wrong to talk about a URL and simply mean the host- or domain name of a website, but we should try to use the correct terminology.
—- asubdomain is the subdomain of the site, asitename is the domain, and afolder is the subdirectory (also known as a folder).

A sub-domain is treated by the search engines as a truly unique website. So if you have one domain with 3 different subdomains established, each is treated differently by Google. Any “link juice” that has been established for the main site (or any of the sub-domains) isn’t necessarily passed onto the sub-domains. This is an important fact to remember, especially if you have a well-established site with a number of back-links. You’ll be starting over in terms of link building if you create a subdomain.

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WordPress tutorials

WordPress tutorials per Joe M. – 40 chapters

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clear cache in Chrome

Cntl-shift-delete to dump, clear cache in Chrome =

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From YouTube

  1. Work (Word)Fence, options
    Put in email where alerts to go
    In alerts section by default, everything is checked except “alert me when a non-admin user signs in” – this should also be checked
    In scans to include section, I check Scan theme files against repository version for changes and scan plug-in files against repository versions for changes
    In firewall rules section, check “immediately block fake google crawlers”
    In video, IP address blocked drop down, he sets for one month
    Login security options section
    Lock out after how many log and failures is set to five
    lock out after how many forgot password attempts is set to five
    Count failures over what time period is set to five minutes
    Amount of time a user is locked out is set to 60 days – which might be a lot
    Immediately lockout invalid user is his checked
    Save changesQ
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Recommended by members of Westchester WP meetup

  • to estimate tfc & bandwidth
  • Best – wp engine $29/mo,
  • liquid web
  • A2 hosting
  • Worst – godaddy , 1&1 , hostgator

Here is the list that I developed from attending the wordpress meetup.

  • Siteground (
  • Dreamhost – middle of the road, has WP experts
  • Freewheel sounds esp good since they will migrate your site for free.
  • Gina – So far Flywheel is my favorite
  • been using Fatcow for years and have been happy

You can also investigate providers by reading independent reviews:

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Speed loading optimization of WordPress site

  • Speed tests
  • a chrome extension
  • ‘Test my site’ with google but there may be a problem w this

Database can be optimized w some plugins

  • Image optimization
  • Plugins
  • Wp smush
  • Ewww image optimizer
  • Imsanity (with an M)

Desktop tools

  • PngGauntlet
  • Online
  • Optimizilla
  • Google AMP – accelerated mobile pages – pages load quicker on mobile devices but needs to be a mobile site
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cyberchimps themes


suggested by LD

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Google PageRank

What Is Google PageRank, How Is It Earned & Does It Matter in 2016?

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5 Best free responsive WordPress themes 2016

  1. Zerif lite
  2. Sydney
  3. Colormag
  4. Parallax one
  5. ShopIsle
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