Three Options for hosting

Three options – for WordPress

1. Hosted solution – completely free & hosted by

  1. Works well for basic blog
  2. Download SW from
  3. Cannot install themes, plug-ins, run ads or edit the database (need to upgrade to paid version)
  4. Not that flexible, fewer features
  5. Has provision for paid upgrade from basic package
  6. additional $15/year for customized style sheets

2. Blog not hosted at WordPress but at other hosting service

Two types here:

a)      Recommended Provider – WordPress provides list of providers.

  1.        download SW from
  2.        More complex & control over appearance
  3.        Need to pay for web hosting
  4.       Need to have own domain name which means that visitors will be directed to instead of
  5.      You will need to upgrade to latest WordPress software manually vs automatically for the Hosted option (above)

b)      Self-Hosted

  1.      Host your blog on your own server with a non- recommended provider
  2.       This is a more complex installation & requires the most knowledge of web technology
  3.       Uploading WordPress installation files to server requires the use of File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
  4.      A free open-source version of FTP is available at


3. WordPress MU – multi-user (I think this means – many authors contribute to one blog)

  1.       For large organizations
  2.       Info at

4. Choosing hosting companies



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