Nested numbered list demo

Since WordPress does not seem able to do nested lists, I created the following html code to accomplish this. It works & results in a list that looks like this.

  1. Item 1
    1. sub Item a
    2. sub Item b
  2. Item 2

One problem, however, is that I cannot control the case of the leading list characters (A, B) using <ol type=”a”> …. I wanted a, b but it gives me A, B??????

Here's the code:

<h2><span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>Nested list demo</span></h2>
<li>Item 1
<li>sub Item a</li>
<li>sub Item b</li>
<li>Item 2</li>
<li>Item 3</li>
<li>Item 4</li>

I used “html sandbox” at to work this out

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