menu tab (navigation button) to link directly to another website

  1. To create a tab (button) on navigation bar that links to another site
    1. Dashboard, Appearance, Menus
    2. Custom Links drop-down box (this is on the left right under Pages)
      1. Enter URL –
      2. Label the tab – WPCUG Home page
      3. Add to menu
      4. Save Menu
    3. This creates a new menu item (WPCUG Home page custom)
      1. so then the old page “WPCUG Home page” has to be removed
      2. This button (menu item) should now appear
    4. The problem is that with this method the new page does not open in a new browser page so to get back you need to hit the back arrow.
      1. On the Menus page,  at top right is down-arrow ‘Screen Options’
      2. Click Target box
      3. Now in center section click down-arrow to open the menu item
      4. now you’ll have a new check-box called – Open link in a new window/tab  – check this
      5. Now the new custom menu item will open on a new browser page
    5. for more info see

**   Also, cannot edit the (custom)  page since this is only a menu item – not really a page where you can edit the code.


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