html editor tab changed to text

Why does it say text instead of html on the tab on the page editor. What is the difference?

GH: Interesting to note that Upgraded ($$$) sites ( still have the html tab.

December 2012 – Administrator, Moderator – The following is from weaver (examine this site)

The WordPress rational for this – from the development logs: This would reflect the “HTML” editor’s purpose a lot better. Calling it “HTML Editor” is wrong as it doesn’t really allow editing all of the html code. It allows editing the post content in “text” mode where html tags can be used.Generally the Visual editor can be compared to MS Word or OO Writer, and the “HTML” editor to Notepad or TextEdit. In the Visual editor the final html code is generated in the background by TinyMCE and the browser.

In the “HTML” editor the final html code is generated by wpautop().The “HTML” editor has the following features:Converts blocks of text separated by two consecutive line breaks to html paragraphs. This allows the user to type in exactly the same way as in any plain text editor and have their content shown properly after publishing.Trims spacing and line breaks around html tags so the blocks of text flow naturally.Has a toolbar with buttons for quick entry of common html tags (Quicktags).

These features make it a nice “Text” editor and a good alternative to the Visual editor especially for quick posts that don’t need much formatting. However calling it “HTML” editor misleads the users that are familiar with html coding. These users expect to have access to all of the underlying html code which is not the case in the “HTML” editor.In short: changing the name to “Text” would reflect how that editor works much better and won’t mislead users that try to code html by hand.


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