Insert anchors in a post

from –

This is demonstrated at –

  1. Create new post
  2. Call post – Question & Answers
  3. Use the Text tab in editor to enter the following
  4. <a href=”#q1”>Question 1</a>
  5. Put in some lorem ipsum text so that jump can be demonstrated
  6. <a name=”q1”> </a>Question 1
    1. Response to question 1
  7. Insert code to go back to the top
    1. Insert this at bottom
    2. <a href=”#top”>Back to top</a>
  8. Place where top will link to
    1. At top of section insert this
    2. <a name=”top”> </a>
  9. Save / update
  10. **** note that WP seems to add another set of quotation marks to the ones here & that causes the demo not to work.  So just use the Text tab to remove one set.  I removed the curly one.

An alternative is if you have upgraded version of WP, there seems to be a plug-in that installs a button on the button bar (showing an anchor).  This alternative is described in this –


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