Anchors to Link to Specific Place on a Page

Notes on how this is done as of 11/8/18

You have a long page & somewhere near the bottom you want the visitor to go there without having to scroll down. Want to provide a link that when clicked, jumps the screen to that section.

  • In the dashboard editor scroll down to the section you want to jump to
  • Type some text – something like Map
  • Highlight the word “Map”
  • In the menu choose Insert then Anchor
  • Give the anchor a name – I called it map
  • Now the anchor is set
  • go to the top of the page & create a link using Insert then Insert/Edit link
  • choose the page you want to jump to
  • You will see a link in the dialog box
  • after the last slash (/), type #map
  • click box “open in new page” if that’s what you want
  • Update the page
  • Now when visitor clicks on the jumping off point, they will be directed to the anchor that was placed further down the page

Note: This may not work for the free version of WordPress. This feature may not be provided.

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