Making an Image gallery

  1. Go to homepage (or any page or post) where you want an image gallery
  2. Click add media icon
  3. Create Gallery on the left
  4. Select pic you want
  5. Click New Gallery
  6. See Gallery Settings on the right
  7. A placeholder for the Gallery is created
  8. Drag placeholder to where you want it
  9. Hit update (for new post with new gallery)
  10. Refresh blog to see changes
  11. Click on placeholder to change gallery appearance
  12. Try a slideshow

Changing Image order in a Gallery

  1. follow the steps below
  2. Go to page that has the gallery
  3. Select the placeholder for the Gallery
  4. Click on small edit icon
  5. This brings you to Edit Gallery page
  6. Here you can Drag and drop to reorder images

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