Backup WordPress site

Backup WordPress site  –
Search for & install wp-db-backup plugin which backs up the database

  1. Database backup

          i.  In Dashboard, Tools there is new entry called Backup  (this is new plugin)

          ii.  In backup options check button Download to you computer & click backup now

          iii.  This might take a while

          iv.  This file goes to your Download folder as sql file

          v.  Drag this file into FTP program right under where wp-content was stored

  1. Now use FTP to connect to host for wp-content which contains: themes, plugins & images

      i.      Look for three main folders: wp-admin, wp-content & wp-includes

     ii.      Right click on wp-content folder & choose Download

     iii.      This video shows download to Dropbox & called it siteBackup1-1-13

when you have the db file & wp-content folder, you have everything you need

if you ever need to restore the site, see – How to Restore Your WordPress Site from Backup –

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