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  1. Work (Word)Fence, options
    Put in email where alerts to go
    In alerts section by default, everything is checked except “alert me when a non-admin user signs in” – this should also be checked
    In scans to include section, I check Scan theme files against repository version for changes and scan plug-in files against repository versions for changes
    In firewall rules section, check “immediately block fake google crawlers”
    In video, IP address blocked drop down, he sets for one month
    Login security options section
    Lock out after how many log and failures is set to five
    lock out after how many forgot password attempts is set to five
    Count failures over what time period is set to five minutes
    Amount of time a user is locked out is set to 60 days – which might be a lot
    Immediately lockout invalid user is his checked
    Save changesQ

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